South Florida's Teen Sensation Live  Talent Competition Presented by The MIAMI SCLC

Rodney Baltimore of HOT 105 Radio interviews SCLC President Robert Alexander about 2020 Teen Sensation Live Auditions


Teen Sensation Live® is a singing/hip hop competition specifically for teens ages 14-19 years old. The competition provides the platform for teens to showcase their singing talent, gain industry knowledge and the opportunity to be seen by A&R scouting for new talents.  Studies have shown that kids who are involved in the arts are more likely to succeed academically, as opposed to kids who aren't.  It is our hope that they will use this opportunity to 1.) gain life lessons, 2.) stay focus on learning and developing their craft and their individuality, and 3.) eventually find success in the music industry if that’s the ultimate goal.

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To this end, we have partnered with organizations and notable events across South Florida to provide a wide range of exposure to showcase themselves, which has resulted in our winners moving on to compete on popular TV programs such as The Voice and more.

Each year the competition invites a prestigious list of judges from the music and entertainment industry who determine the act that moves on or is eliminated until one  (1) Grand Prize Winner is voted on and chosen at the Finals!


Teen Sensation Live® singing/hip hop talent competition is a live contest series that will take place over 3  Shows, spread out over 3 months.  1st Show is the audition, 2nd Show is the Elimination and 3rd Show is the Finale.  Information about the South  Florida Teen Sensation Live competition audition and live shows are advertised locally on radio stations, at middle and high schools, community centers, YMCAs, church youth groups and via social media. 


The process includes online registration which must be completed and returned via email.  Twelve contestants will be selected during the audition phase and will proceed to the competition.  Six contestants will be eliminated in the next Round.  The final 6 will go on to compete for the Teen Sensation Live title, where the live and online audience will vote for their favorite contestant, and the Judges will make the final decision and declare the Winner.  The winner will receive a Grand Prize that includes:  $10,000, the Teen Sensation Live Championship Trophy and the opportunity to record and to be featured on stage at some of South Florida's Premier events.           


Teen Sensation Live® Competition provides the opportunity for teens to showcase their talent to the community and beyond.


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