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Contest Rules


1. Teen Sensation Live Talent Competition  provides the opportunity for teens to showcase their talent to the community and beyond in a safe environment.

2. The Teen Sensation Live Talent Competition targets teens to further keep them engaged and focused on developing their talent in the arts.  Competitors must be between the ages of 14 and 19 and have at least one proof of age: copy of birth certificate, driver’s license or school ID.

3. All teens wishing to enter the competition must register prior to submitting their audition video.  Registration form can be downloaded from

4. Parental consent is required for all teens under the age of 18 and parent/guardian must also be present on the day of the competition and subsequent performances. 

5. All contestants must perform a different piece for finals then the one they performed for the audition. We encourage contestants to be prepared ahead of time with their pieces and not wait a few days before the show to choose the piece they are going to perform. This is a competition and the more prepared you are the better you'll do and the more likely you'll make it to finals. 

6. No voice or voices or synthesized vocal utterance may be used for accompaniment by contestants entered in the Vocal categories. This includes recorded live voices and voices that are produced and recorded synthetically. (i.e. synthesizers or digitally sampled.) 

7. All auditions/performance must be in good taste; appropriate attire is a must and contestants must arrive at least 45 minutes prior to show-time.

8. Contestants must provide their own sound track for their performance.  Teen Sensation Live organizers will only provide sound system and micro phones.

9. Organizers reserve the right of final decision on any matters pertaining to the competition not covered by the rules. 

10.  In the event the competition is won by a duo or a group the winninings will be divided evenly amongst them.



Contestants will be judged on the following basis: Presentation, 25%; Creativity, 25%; Delivery, 25% and Ability, 25%. During the preliminary audition contestants are scored solely by the judges. They will be evaluated on how the act would be received by an appropriate, impartial audience in an appropriate setting, and is not based on the size or enthusiasm of an act's "fan club".


Contestants will be advised via email or phone call if they are to move on to finals after submitting their auditions. During the final, judges score will be counted as 75% of the total points given while the remaining 25% will be awarded by the audience present that night.


A winner will be announced and that winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize and the opportunity to be seen and heard by music industry professionals scouting for new talents; be featured on stage at Broward County’s longest running multi-cultural festival ‘UNIFEST’ in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, the Sunday after the competition; and be featured at other events.  Winner agrees to commit to Teen Sensation Live to make appearances and perform when called upon for a period not to exceed five years.

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