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Synopsis of our previous Teen Sensation Live Singing Competition

winners and where they are to date

Mackenzy Brown 2018 Teen Sensation Live

Mackenzy Brown

2018 Teen Sensation Live Winner

Halle Dougal 2017 Winner

2017 Winner (Halle Dougal)

Local High School Junior

Since winning she got signed to a local label and is in the studio working on her first album.

2016 Winner (Aria)

She is currently active in songwriting, pursuing a career as an artist in the music industry.

Brianna Bruton 2015 Winner

2015 Winner (Brianna Bruton)

Currently in college where she is pursuing music as her major.

Aria 2016 Winner
Shalyah Fearing 2014 Winner

2014 Winner (Shalyah Fearing)

She went on to compete on season 10 of the popular television program "The Voice".

She is now recording and performing at major events across the country.

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